LogPoint launches version 5.2 of its SIEM-platform


LogPoint launched version 5.2 of its SIEM-platform during Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London on April 29-May 1, 2014. LogPoint collects logs from systems and applications, extracts and stores key events in cutting edge NoSQL and carries out searches using Big Data technologies. This enables LogPoint to collect more than 50.000 events and search in millions of logs per second on a single server – even on low-scale hardware – and enables enterprises to proactively monitor their networks and identify security threats in real-time to prevent cyber attacks and fulfil their compliance requirements.

In version 5.2 LogPoint has updated the clear and straightforward user interface, reaching new levels of ease of use for working with a highly complex product, while still being capable of obtaining all the benefits of this powerful SIEM solution. Search Wizards and Search Templates have been introduced providing the user with the capability to create searches and search templates based on a logical language. The search- templating allows organizations to construct interfaces that can bring out the functionality and power of the LogPoint solution to a much broader audience in the organisation – even without expert knowledge.

When searching for security events, LogPoint demonstrates unparalleled performance. However, performance is less valuable without context. That’s why we continue to strive to perfect the automated search, correlation and classification of events and the presentation of the intelligence. LogPoint is easy to use, agile by design and intuitive by nature. LogPoint is the perfect SIEM tool for the security and operation analysts as well as executives that focus on achieving compliance and improve the company risk profile, says LogPoint Chief Technology Officer, Peter Melsen.

At Infosecurity, LogPoint introduces modularisation of the LogPoint software-platform. The result is that version 5.2 is now faster than ever with easier integrations with other technologies and tools. The modular platform has allowed for an improved search interface, that allows in-line correlations, joins of large datasets, direct integrations into external data sources and much, much more.

LogPoint runs on commercial off-the-shelf solutions and is hardware agnostic, meaning that enterprises are able to orchestrate storage for LogPoint that is both cost-effective and performance- optimised. In addition, LogPoint is licensed on the number of devices sending logs to the system. This means organisations can scale to as many LogPoint servers as needed, while maintaining transparent cost- projections this signifies the ability of LogPoint to scale with the needs of any enterprise.

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